One Cute Cat



The Boy and His Bed…Sorta

Our nephew and his fiance gave us a dog bed for The Boy for Christmas. Now this may seem like strange Christmas gift but we love our dog and they asked what we wanted. Now finding a bed for a Corgi can be a challenge for those who do not own Corgis. None the less the bed was perfect and the boy loves it. So does Jerry O’ TomKat and that should explain the post title just fine….

DSC00563 DSC00576

My Butterfly In The Light

As I walked about our place one evening this week trying to get some fresh shots, my outside cat Butterfly, followed me around as she does on many occasions. As I headed around back I spotted two very small but highly attentive Praying Mantis. As I kneeled down to take a few shots my beloved Butterfly keep hitting my arm. It is as you know a cats way of saying ” I am the center of the Universe, pay attention slave!”, or something a kin to that. So instead of getting upset I decided to try to learn something new and use the situation as a test to challenge me. I knew the Sun was low and to our backs and both of our front profiles were nothing but shadows. So I tried using my flash to take a close up of her as she was at my side. I was using my Canon Powershot SX10is that evening. Since I am very familiar with the setting I dialed back the flash output, lowered the ISO to 80, set it to macro mode and set the shooting controls  to Aperture Priority for the next few shots in quick order. I did the latter because I do not have enough experience yet to use the manual mode fully for this type of shot. I used the Canon’s tilt screen as a guide to set up the shot (Author’s observation: Setting up a shot on a cat that is NOT asleep is like catching the wind and predicting what a two-year old is thinking…all at the same time). So here is an unedited shot of My Butterfly In The Light.


Little Splash Of Purple

On my walk down to the creek today I came across a little splash of purple. It was a small patch of Violets and it harkened me back to the first part of my photography re-awakening. I quit shooting film because I had rounded off the camera’s film advancing wheel and just never sought out another camera. Well that was till my Dad gave me an old HP 315 and from there I was hooked. The next camera was a Vivitar 8300 and that camera cemented my love for photography and more specifically nature photography.On my way back I spent some time using a blast-from-the-past, the Canon S3is, to grab a few captures. It was a challenge because my outside cat Butterfly follows me around like a puppy, a pushy puppy, but like a puppy none the less.

IMG_1242 IMG_1219

What Is That Thing In The Sky?

I am once again trying to make sense of my lack of organizational skills. Was it something I was born with or is it a learned behavior? Whatever it is I am amazed at what I find when I go back through the way- back- files looking for something post worthy.  I took this one several years ago in the Spring obviously and felt my spirits lift a bit, because I am looking out this very same window and all I see is snow and gray! I can only imagine what the cats are thinking but I would be asking “What is that thing in the sky”?


A Few From A While Ago

As I was sitting here shoveling chow down my neck, thinking about my next step in project due tomorrow, I thought looking at some past pics would slow me down and save me heartburn later. So here a one or two from the way-back files till time permits me the opportunity to catch me some fresh captures.


Picture 287

a fading rose on a faded fence line.
a fading rose on a faded fence line.