My Butterfly In The Light

As I walked about our place one evening this week trying to get some fresh shots, my outside cat Butterfly, followed me around as she does on many occasions. As I headed around back I spotted two very small but highly attentive Praying Mantis. As I kneeled down to take a few shots my beloved Butterfly keep hitting my arm. It is as you know a cats way of saying ” I am the center of the Universe, pay attention slave!”, or something a kin to that. So instead of getting upset I decided to try to learn something new and use the situation as a test to challenge me. I knew the Sun was low and to our backs and both of our front profiles were nothing but shadows. So I tried using my flash to take a close up of her as she was at my side. I was using my Canon Powershot SX10is that evening. Since I am very familiar with the setting I dialed back the flash output, lowered the ISO to 80, set it to macro mode and set the shooting controls¬† to Aperture Priority for the next few shots in quick order. I did the latter because I do not have enough experience yet to use the manual mode fully for this type of shot. I used the Canon’s tilt screen as a guide to set up the shot (Author’s observation: Setting up a shot on a cat that is NOT asleep is like catching the wind and predicting what a two-year old is thinking…all at the same time). So here is an unedited shot of My Butterfly In The Light.