Two More No Less

I am on a little bit of a “shooting into the sun” journey right now. I do not believe it is in response to some inwardly morphing of my self awareness because I dive too deeply into the shallow well for that. It is something I find to be cool. Enjoy!

Not the end but a new beginning for a thistle.
A new sunflower I was introduced to but unfortunately forgot its name. I love that the colors are still vibrant even at the end of its life cycle.


Taking A Moment At The Lake

The Bride and I took a little walkabout at the lake this evening. It was a nice break from the going on’s in our lives at this juncture. One of the many things I love about her is she encourages and supports my photography habit. Well that is up to the point of spending dollars we do not have at this moment on a new camera! But alas all is not lost since my sister-in-law lets me borrow her Nikon D40. The following shots are from that walk with The Bride. Enjoy!

Not yet sure what type of duck this is but I love the contrast between the softness of the white with the vibrant red mask it wears.
A feather that the wind was moving across the face of the lake. It looked like a little sloop out for a evening sail.
Hanging out with my fowl friends! This picture and the next were shot with sun to our backs. There is a softness to photos taken late it the day that I love.
We have mallards mostly here in my neck of the woods but this duck is new to me. Time to google ducks I suppose.

Grandfather Apple, A Violet Plus A Random Photo

Today, after a very lazy start, me and The Bride went on a leisurely walk around the place. After finding the areas I had cleaned out paths last year still very passable we went down to the creek. The violet pictured is about ten feet down the bank right above the creek.It was such a stark contrast to the sandy bank and bleak brown creek bottom I had to take the shot.

The apple blossom is from a very old apple tree The Bride has named Grandfather Apple. It has bloomed early like every thing else around here and adds flavor to the emerging colors and smells of an early spring.

Grandfather Apple

The last photo is of a wooden pallet outside of the loading dock at work. I see the pallet as thus so I am not sure what that says about me.

My view of a wooden pallet.

Please feel free to comment on what you like and what you do not.