Birds Of A Feather



Taking A Moment At The Lake

The Bride and I took a little walkabout at the lake this evening. It was a nice break from the going on’s in our lives at this juncture. One of the many things I love about her is she encourages and supports my photography habit. Well that is up to the point of spending dollars we do not have at this moment on a new camera! But alas all is not lost since my sister-in-law lets me borrow her Nikon D40. The following shots are from that walk with The Bride. Enjoy!

Not yet sure what type of duck this is but I love the contrast between the softness of the white with the vibrant red mask it wears.
A feather that the wind was moving across the face of the lake. It looked like a little sloop out for a evening sail.
Hanging out with my fowl friends! This picture and the next were shot with sun to our backs. There is a softness to photos taken late it the day that I love.
We have mallards mostly here in my neck of the woods but this duck is new to me. Time to google ducks I suppose.