Viceroy or Monarch

I have been calling all butterflies that look like Monarchs just that, Monarchs. This year I bought a book about butterflies and discovered something: Viceroys look like Monarchs or vice versa. Nice to know after four plus decades there is a difference! So I ask you my fellow bloggers which is it: A Viceroy or a Monarch?



A Few Since The Last Time

Though I have not an opportunity to get to know my D60 better on the up side I have done some work around our place. Sorry no photos on that end but trust me I am truly saving you from being underwhelmed. What I did get to do was do a quick walkabout this evening  with my Canon Powershot SX10is. Here are a few since the last time!


This wasp is either bring home dinner or getting ready to go fishing. Dinner I think, no?

IMG_8779The Monarch Butterfly is one cool Butterfly. Every Summer I  marvel at these wonderful butterflies but there are less of them to marvel at it seems recently. One blogs I follow, Her Way at Crabtree Gardens, has a passion for these Magnificent Butterflies as well.  Check her place out and hear her thoughts on this subject.

IMG_8755I cannot shot reds of yellows very well. Just can not do it. So as I was checking out one of the Blogs I love, Googsy Photography, I came across this beautiful yellow Tulip he had captured so very well. I commented how I have trouble with the color yellow in my captures. His  gracious reply with words of encouragement had me pursuing a great capture of yellow flora. Well the above capture is not great but I wanted you to see this little yellow flower just because…it is really tiny! That is my wedding band for a size comparison.

IMG_8763Smooth Phlox taking in the last golden rays of the day on our place.

IMG_8817I have been in pursuit of a good shot of this Dragonfly. I saw it for the first time on our place a few weeks back. I have been on the lookout for it since. Today as I standing on the path to the creek it showed up just outside optimal shooting range of course! And as you see it is green. So is grass. We have a lot of tall grass on our place so it was challenge to get my camera to focus on the Dragonfly not the grass.  I lost a lot of the battle but this capture was worth it. Notice its lower left-wing: Part of it is missing. Trust me it did not affect its ability to fly and allude me!

The Monarch Butterfly

My first recollection of seeing a butterfly was of the Monarch Butterfly. As I prepare The Brides Minolta X-370 and load up my PowerShot S3is in search of the best “Super Moon” picture I can find I leave you with two of a Monarch Butterfly. I took these, I believe, back in 07 or 08. Enjoy!

A Monarch Butterfly
A Monarch Butterfly doing a pretty good bat impression.