A New Dragonfly About Our Place

We have one type of Dragonfly that has a steady on our place. They are of the Skimmer family and I believe they are Baskettail Dragonflies. So when this little fellow and a couple of his pals showed up I was rather geeked to say the least. So here is a new dragonfly about our place.

IMG_2563 IMG_2569


New Kid On The Block

I think dragonflies are cool. I find the way they move about our place hunting and chasing each other fun to watch. And cool. This year I spotted some new kids on the block so to speak. But about a month ago the dragonflies seemed to disappear from our place. I do not know if the mild summer we had is a contributing factor but they just left. I must admit I was a little bummed out because I had hoped to get some shots of them.

Today as I tried again to capture Hummingbirds in the fields I saw a few of the usual suspects flying about. I suspect the hot weather putting in a late though expected appearance had them back on top of their game. AS I was walking back to the creek I spotted several of Spotted Skimmers and Common White Tailed Skimmers about. As I stopped to get a few shots of a Skipper Butterfly on an Iron weed the following beauty came by. I have not been able to identify it yet but it was small as far as dragonflies go. Getting a good focused shot was difficult but I think you will like the new kid on the block.