Bumblebee On Tiny Bloom

After observing Bumblebees the last few years I have made a couple of discoveries: One Bumblebees DO have tongues. I knew this in theory but till you take a picture of a Bumblebee with its tongue out you really do doubt it is so. Secondly is they feed off flower with blooms smaller than they are and they get the job done some how. Amazing pollinators and cool to watch as well.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Waiting On A Button….

…….well a few Buttonbushs to be exact. Any normal year they would be here within a few weeks but it looks like the harsh Winter has but them inĀ  delay pattern. What to do till their arrival? Look at and post pics from last year. Here is one of these great little pollinator filling stations at work!


Long Past Gone

I normal shot in B&W with my ol’ point and shots but have made several attempts at Color-to-B&W conversions. Here is another such attempt and the subject is an abandoned one room building I found several weekends ago. It was to cold then, and the Sun was not checking then, but it showed up to give me a hand yesterday. See what you think.