A Random Butterfly

I have several things going on at one time right now so my posts will be a little erratic and kind of random like. So in that spirit I present a random Butterfly.


Quiet, Lovely Little Fleabane

I took this shot July of 2012 with my Pop’s FujiFilm S5700 after visiting with he and my Mom. Most of my shots suffered greatly during most of 2012 due to many factors: My beloved Canon Powershot S3is died and I had to learn a new camera( minor issue), Pops had a heart-attack due to the stress of being Mom’s diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, and the knowledge that I had just spent the last Mothers I ever would with my Mom. Oh, we also had a family member living with us who was suffering from severe depression. To say 2012 was a hot-mess of a year would be an understatement but I still had nature and photography as my solace. It was a place where I could go and listen to and for the quiet things. It allowed me the space to detect the whisper that is faith and to connect to hope. I found those thing through the lens and in the smallest of things like this quiet, lovely little Fleabane.

Picture 037

Something Fowl From Awhile Ago

I came across several shots I had taken late Autumn 2012 with a Fujifilm S700. My Dad had loaned it to me after my beloved Canon Powershot S3is had died. During that time he bought himself a small Nikon and gave me the S700. I use it from time to time and this was my weapon of choice on a very bright but cold morning by the lake. I saw these this morning and it has me motivated to brave the cold and head to the lake here in a bit. Till The next time here is a little something fowl from awhile ago.

DSCF6075 DSCF6071