Another Best Of The Worst

I took my Sony A300 out to test my new-to-me-zoom lens and as is with all thing there is a learning curve. I have to admit I am rushing things. There is just a few things going on in my life right now that can cause one to feel pushed upon but I need to carve out small blocks of time to breathe the wonderment around me. And you do too! As I was walking around our place a slight movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned towards the movement and saw something small but pretty cool. It was a tiny Damselfly skipping through the air! I followed it to where it landed and tried to get the A300 to focus on it but it was too small. The camera keep on focusing on the Spotted Jewelweed (for size comparison I might add a Spotted Jewelweed is about the size of an average persons top joint on their pinky finger) and missing the little bugger. So I manually focused this shot and missed the sweet spot a bit. I still like it though and I hope you like another best of the worst.



Missing Me Damsel

With Spring  just around the corner I cannot wait to get some shots of my favorite things. One of the first will be my beloved Daffodils, go figure, and then hopefully some time soon some of my favorite flying things. I love when the bees show up and the Hummingbirds get up North but I really want to get some more pics of the wonderment know as a Damselfly. Till then here is one from last year.


Sunshine Theraphy

I went to the doctor yesterday for a recurring issue and as usually she prescribed me some meds and ordered bed rest. After about seventeen hours of bed “rest” I needed a break. Bed rest wears a person out, how weird it that? So I took a walkabout on our place to soak in some rays. There is not many things on this planet better than Sunshine Therapy!

Here are a few from that walkabout.


A Lazy Sunday Walkabout Part II

Earlier today I posted some pics from today’s walkabout on our place. Happily   I am coming to grips with some of the tools my Olympus SP-350 has. I will say cloudy, low light days like today are not much of an issue but I still have not come to grips with its evaluation process on my macros. Today that was compounded by the ever-present and steady breezes we have lived with around here all year. I am not really complaining but stating a fact. Trust me come July I will be singing praises to any comforting breeze! The only downside so far is it sucks the life of AA NiMH batteries. Standard AA’s? They stand no chance at all. I will be looking at Amazon for options to this problem in the near future.

When the batteries died I switched to my-new-to-me Nikon D60. I hope you enjoy these few captures I took from a lazy Sunday walkabout!


A Damselfly on what I suspect is a weed. We welcome weeds on our place more than not.


DSC_0084Another type of Damselfly on our place. I do no know the species or type but it was a hard to get a decent capture. I moved, it moved so I just stood still and it landed about six or so feet from me.


DSC_0104In my minds eye I can hear the larger bee saying to the smaller one: ” Just do what I do son and we and the earth both get fed.”


DSC_0100A Lady Bug. Need I say more? 🙂