A Lazy Sunday Walkabout Part II

Earlier today I posted some pics from today’s walkabout on our place. Happily   I am coming to grips with some of the tools my Olympus SP-350 has. I will say cloudy, low light days like today are not much of an issue but I still have not come to grips with its evaluation process on my macros. Today that was compounded by the ever-present and steady breezes we have lived with around here all year. I am not really complaining but stating a fact. Trust me come July I will be singing praises to any comforting breeze! The only downside so far is it sucks the life of AA NiMH batteries. Standard AA’s? They stand no chance at all. I will be looking at Amazon for options to this problem in the near future.

When the batteries died I switched to my-new-to-me Nikon D60. I hope you enjoy these few captures I took from a lazy Sunday walkabout!


A Damselfly on what I suspect is a weed. We welcome weeds on our place more than not.


DSC_0084Another type of Damselfly on our place. I do no know the species or type but it was a hard to get a decent capture. I moved, it moved so I just stood still and it landed about six or so feet from me.


DSC_0104In my minds eye I can hear the larger bee saying to the smaller one: ” Just do what I do son and we and the earth both get fed.”


DSC_0100A Lady Bug. Need I say more? 🙂