Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy Number II

Being busy (spell-check is not spell-correct and let me say “busty” instead of busy, which is not at all where I was headed with this post .Now where was I? Oh, yes) with what was supposed to be the finally part of a multiple-phase home project. That changed after I opened up the proverbially can-of-worms today. Tomorrow hopefully will find me finishing up and getting to the next stage. So I had no new snaps but did have The Boy’s help today and wanted to share his loveliness with you all.  So here is The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge:Dreamy Number II



The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Today’s phase of the project went better than yesterday’s but still no time for new snaps. To wind down I was checking out the reader and found The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy. I took the following shot several months back with my Sony 300 and an old 50mm Minolta lens coupled to the body with an extension tube. Time, and The Bride getting laid off after her position was eliminated has cut into my getting-to-know-this-combo time. Her boss was really first class in the transition of it all and since she is trying to get into nursing school all is well, though kind of wild, and good. Sort of like this picture actually, all dream like and stuff.