DragonFly as Fine Art

IMG_1478 - Copy (2)

I do not know if others agree but I think this one is a keeper. I have played around with photo effects and find I am very picky as what I call good, well least ways with my stuff. This one I like and would love to have a metal print made of it and to hang it on my wall. DragonFly as fine art, I like it!


A Study In B&W

I love black and white photography. Something about the color being removed that makes the character of the structure, subject and person come through.I follow a few sites the have wonderful B&W photos. Almost all the sites take the shot in color and convert it to B&W. Since most of my stuff I take with point & shots I usually take the shots in the cameras on-board B&W mode. My Canon Powershot’s (SX10is, S3is and SX260HD) do a really good job of shooting in B&W. I do not shot in RAW since my Canon only shot jpg but maybe the magic is the processing of pictures from color to B&W in RAW. None the less I tries a conversation today and want to see if anyone can tell which I in B&W and which I converted from color to B&W.

IMG_2063 IMG_2064