An Apple Blossom From A While Ago

I took this back in the Spring of 2012 with my Canon Powershot SX260HS. Though I am sure I have posted this pic before what I  really wanted to do was post a photo I was working on using Topaz Simple 4. I wanted to but it sucked  I was not pleased with it, and besides I am tired, so here is an Apple Blossom from a while ago.

2012 03 31_3307


After The Rain

I  had a great day working in the yard today plus a lovely dinner with The Bride. After we arrived home a fast approaching storm line keep me from going out and getting any new shots for the day. So I gave in to the carbs pushing against my eye lids and laid down on the front porch to await the storm. The front part was a breath of fresh air as the coolness was welcomed after a hot day of shrubbery wrangling. The storm rolled past and I had about a half an hour of light left to grab a few shots. So here is one after the rain.


Two More To Compare

After a very good day, and a lovely dinner and drive with The Bride, I wanted to post something but realized I have not shot anything for a couple of days. I was looking for something when I revisited my post Two To Compare where I used the two free photo-editing tools Perfect Effects 8 and Paint.NET. So in that vein, and since I had nothing new to bring to the table, I decided show you two unpublished shots from earlier this week. I played with Perfect Effects 8 on these two and I am really happy with the results. I took the top one with my Canon PowerShot S3is and the bottom with my Canon PowerShot SX10is (Click on photos to enlarge them……really they are pretty cool up close).

IMG_1302 IMG_1271