The North Lawn

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Down Time Part 2

I was enjoying my down time yesterday I did find my ability to get a decent macro somewhat frustrating. But with my companion Butterfly and a backup camera, my Canon Powershot SX10is, it really was not problematic. One thing in hindsight is bees are not great posers. They are well busy you know and cannot be bothered with the paparazzi. I was able to get a few decent shots at the long end of the zoom on the Canon of a couple of wasps, my companion Butterfly and one of the views from my court side seat to nature yesterday.

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Two More To Compare

After a very good day, and a lovely dinner and drive with The Bride, I wanted to post something but realized I have not shot anything for a couple of days. I was looking for something when I revisited my post Two To Compare where I used the two free photo-editing tools Perfect Effects 8 and Paint.NET. So in that vein, and since I had nothing new to bring to the table, I decided show you two unpublished shots from earlier this week. I played with Perfect Effects 8 on these two and I am really happy with the results. I took the top one with my Canon PowerShot S3is and the bottom with my Canon PowerShot SX10is (Click on photos to enlarge them……really they are pretty cool up close).

IMG_1302 IMG_1271

My 600th Post

As I posted yesterday a number on my nine caught my attention: Post number 599. I really did not think much of it but as my six-hundredth post was looking me in the face this Evening I had nothing. As a semi-grown up I spent several hours more on my taxes trying to find all I have coming to me and The Bride. No more but no less and a  very tension filled dance indeed. After that last tango with my soul, and the tax code, I did not feel like posting.  As a distraction I decided to look through some files off my old Dell to see if I had missed any hidden treasures that may lift my spirits. I found it in the form of a capture of a great feline and wonderful companion named Freckles. Though no longer with me and The Bride in the flesh he lives on through us to be My 600th Post!

Photo taken with a Canon PowerShot S3is
Photo taken with a Canon PowerShot S3is