My Partner In Chillin’

Yesterday was a lovely day to just stay outside and chill. Truth be told I should have worked on the  many ongoing projects around our place but I have a hitch in my giddy-up that relegated me to observer status. Hopefully on Wednesday I can have that worked out by a visit to the chiropractor. So here is my partner in chillin’!

DSC_0008 DSC_0005


My 600th Post

As I posted yesterday a number on my nine caught my attention: Post number 599. I really did not think much of it but as my six-hundredth post was looking me in the face this Evening I had nothing. As a semi-grown up I spent several hours more on my taxes trying to find all I have coming to me and The Bride. No more but no less and a  very tension filled dance indeed. After that last tango with my soul, and the tax code, I did not feel like posting.  As a distraction I decided to look through some files off my old Dell to see if I had missed any hidden treasures that may lift my spirits. I found it in the form of a capture of a great feline and wonderful companion named Freckles. Though no longer with me and The Bride in the flesh he lives on through us to be My 600th Post!

Photo taken with a Canon PowerShot S3is
Photo taken with a Canon PowerShot S3is