Looking Forward By Looking Back

When the Sun shows up I get hopeful. Hopeful that Winter is heading out and Spring will bring us color, warmth and the green things back into the world. Today I was hopeful. Tonight not so much! As the biting and unrelenting wind showed up, with Winters bitter grip in tow, I turned to last Springs and Summers photo for solace. Here is a photo I took with my Olympus Sp-350. I have yet to find a sweet spot on this camera s far as focusing goes. It does however take a decent macro. So here is a salute to Spring and looking forward by looking back. Enjoy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

How Do You Dew

As The Boy and I took our morning stroll, in search of the perfect poo”spot”, I noticed that dew was gracing all natures wonders this fine morning. After his business was completed we went back inside and I grabbed my Sp350 and pops FinePix S700.The hope was to get several shots with the morning sun dancing across or draping the morning dew draped landscape. Here are a few of the Dew as I see it. (As an aside to clear up any confusion The Boy is my little buddy Ficus, a Corgi, not a real boy. Upon reflection it is now past his bath time, due to an unexpected surgery, and he smells like a teenage boy so there are some similarities!)

A grass we call Sedge grass with a spider web, with said spider, as a fly in the mix. This was taken with my pops FinePix S700
A beautiful little yellow flower that I believe is a Moneywort greeting the day. Taken with my Olympus Sp350.
Another angle of the Sedge grass taken with my Sp350.
I do not know the name of this tiny purple flower but I do know Butterflies like it. Taken with my Sp350.

I Miss My S3is

Though I hate to complain that does not mean I will not. The bottom line is I miss my PowerShot S3is badly! I have tried to get to know my Olympus and to find the sweet spots on the SP-350 but alas I give in to the fact it is no S3is. The SP-350 simply has a mind of its own when it comes to evaluating a shot. No matter what I set it at it evaluates to the beat of another shutter. Cry not for me for I will simply set out on a few months of 35mm adventure and mayhem as I am soon to be a proud owner of a Canon AE-1 set up. Till then I will enjoy what I have and count myself truly blessed!

Taken with my Olympus SP-350

Two For You

I started this blog with goal of sharing my photos and on this my 60th post here areTwo For You!

I have an old Eagle Talon on our place waiting to be restored by , well someone. I love the contrast of this little weed of a flower, or flower of a weed against the long awaiting red body of the Talon.
This little bee was working hard and as I took several pictures she went around the stalks away from the camera. In this one I can imagine her saying ” What you looking at?” or “Really, bug a lady while she works?”

Revisiting The Olympus SP-350

I purchased an Olympus SP-350 last year and found myself always falling back on my PowerShot S3is. Now with the potential demise of my S3 I have taken up arms again with the SP-350. Here are a few from the day. Let me know what you think!

Nice day out the office window.
Down time + me with a camera= this.
Tried a depth of field shot with the fore ground as the focal point…. fail but I like it anyway!
I like the varies subtle layers of color and texture in this shot.
Trying to find the sweet spot with the macro settings.
A Bumblebee that was not busy like his brethren flying around this little garden. Must have been a great tasting vintage pollen.

Tulips And A Stray Magnolia

The last week has been some what of a challenge. Getting a chance to shoot has been as well but I have a very good friend with a wonderful garden I know I can access. My wife and I enjoy it and the quite it brings. It is open anytime I need a space to breath in.The Tulips are from her garden and the Magnolia Bush from a drive by shoot I did after a storm passed midweek. The storm left the petals battered but still standing. Enjoy!

Shot with my Olympus Sp-350
The last rays of the evening sun brushed lightly on this pruple tulip. Take with my Canon S3is.
Up close and personal with this tulip and it's pollen. Taken with my Canon S3is
This magnolia bush was taken with my canon S3is