One Fine and Rusty Ford Truck

It has been an eventful stretch in The Brides and my life. I started the kitchen/dining room remodel a week ago. Today I got my answer on how we can remove and shore up a wall separating the dining room from the living room. In doing so I got two recruits to help do it. Bonus! Also this two days ago The Bride got accepted to the Nursing program at our local college! Now how to pay for it all and finish the remodel and the list goes on but I am excited to see how it is worked out.

Over the next few weeks I hope to get the remodel done and finish up a few outside projects before the weather gets to cold to do so. In that time I will be digging up snaps from the-way-back-file to share along with any new ones I can get. Till then enjoy one fine and rusty Ford truck!