Down Time

I took about an hour or so of this amazing day for a little down time. I have a Olympus SP-350 I bought online for around $7-8 plus shipping. It was an amazing camera in its day and I  have tried to get the most out of it on macro for a while now. As an everyday shooter it is very nice but I have had trouble using the macro since the camera has zero anti-vibration capabilities, well that I can find anyway. And since there was not manual, well I just took off free of such clutter….and knowledge to do as I please with the little bugger! So here are three macro I took today using it. I set up a lawn chair, with my outside cat Butterfly as my helper and went about waiting on that perfect shot……since that didn’t happen you get these instead ;).

For reference as to how small the Wood Aster flower is I used a AA battery to give you a visual reference as to these size. I did this for two reasons: One is to show you how small some pollinators are and two if I can get a good shot of the Bumblebees and the red wasps that feed on them as well. Cool stuff!


Green and Red From The Day

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having my great-great niece dropped off so she could spend the night with The Bride and I.  Since we had committed to watch her we had to take her with us to the viewing of one of our friends who died Wednesday. I know his parents better than I knew him really but I knew neither would care. As we stood in the viewing line we saw old and dear friends. Man there is something about weddings and funerals, right? After words we went out to eat and then home for what turned out to be a delightfully quite evening. This morning before she woke I went and tried to grab a few shots of the changing leaves. The sky was overcast and there was a grey tint to the early part of the day but the reds of the fallen leaves stood out again the surprisingly green grass. Like the little bundle of wonderful sleeping in her bed I found this to be a pleasant and wonderful thing. Here are two of those leaves in different setting but I hope like them as I do.

P1020466 P1020462I took these with my Olympus SP-350 point and shot.


I was going through the way-back files and found a picture I took last year with my point & shot Olympus SP-350.  As I looked at it I was inspired to try a plugin by Topaz called Simplify 4 on it. Simplify 4 is a plugin that turns my pictures into art and I have tried it on two pictures and rather like it. The top one it the original unedited photo and the bottom one of a simple one click preset called Image Crispedge. There are adjustments you can use once the preset is applied but I like it well right out of the box. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Something New And A Little Dew Too

As a budget- restrained individual I try to buy the best I can afford but still not break the bank. I try always to buy local first but sometimes the cost difference does not allow it and I have to order stuff online. An exception is lenses for my camera. I have to try it out first and that dictates it must be local. Well after many attempts using craigslist , most have not been less than positive, I had my faith in youth, humanity and the ability to buy local on craigslist restored this evening in one fell swoop! The young man I contacted actually responded to my inquiry and followed through with what he said he would do. He was one time, that is something new, and was polite and the lenses were as advertised, something new as well. Since I did not get home in time to take a few pics tonight I had to look in the-way-back-files and find something to share. Here is one from last August, I think, taken with my Olympus SP-350 and that much I do actually know. So here is to something new and a little dew too!


Life’s Little Suprises

Today started out as a lovely overcast day. With the rains moving out the morning stayed pleasantly cool so The Bride and I went to the lake to enjoy it. I did not bring my normal long zoom Powershot SX10is but the lovely  little Olympus SP-350. I was standing down by the water’s edge trying to get  geese as they landed in the water but with zero luck when this little lady showed up. And she brought with her some of life’s little surprises.


Meller Yeller or A Few Roses

I had a great post ready earlier and was about to post when “it” happened. You see I was using WP “New Post” feature on the tool bar. It started well, like a great first date, then I noticed there was no auto save or save draft feature. That is when the date went bad like week old sushi because mid-post Windows 7 decided to update for no apparent reason. Computer updated. Post gone like a ghost into where ever lost posts go. I tried to recreate the magic of the first post to no avail. So tying into my last post theme of the color yellow is a replacement post. Not as yellow, somewhat more subdued or as we say this side of the creek, a “Meller Yeller” or a few roses for those on the other side.