My Butterfly In The Light

As I walked about our place one evening this week trying to get some fresh shots, my outside cat Butterfly, followed me around as she does on many occasions. As I headed around back I spotted two very small but highly attentive Praying Mantis. As I kneeled down to take a few shots my beloved Butterfly keep hitting my arm. It is as you know a cats way of saying ” I am the center of the Universe, pay attention slave!”, or something a kin to that. So instead of getting upset I decided to try to learn something new and use the situation as a test to challenge me. I knew the Sun was low and to our backs and both of our front profiles were nothing but shadows. So I tried using my flash to take a close up of her as she was at my side. I was using my Canon Powershot SX10is that evening. Since I am very familiar with the setting I dialed back the flash output, lowered the ISO to 80, set it to macro mode and set the shooting controls¬† to Aperture Priority for the next few shots in quick order. I did the latter because I do not have enough experience yet to use the manual mode fully for this type of shot. I used the Canon’s tilt screen as a guide to set up the shot (Author’s observation: Setting up a shot on a cat that is NOT asleep is like catching the wind and predicting what a two-year old is thinking…all at the same time). So here is an unedited shot of My Butterfly In The Light.


Small Wonders

I was out early this morning trying the AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) setting on my Canon Powershot but was not having much success at getting my head around this new-found tool. Maybe it was a lack of coffee but I just could not dial it in so I headed back home. Along the way I found this little purple bloom and a Hoverfly resting upon it. Just what I needed. Nothing big just small wonders.


Queen Anne’s Lace and Friend

I have had about an hour of free time the past several of days to get out and grab a few fresh captures. In between work, home projects, a fundraiser walk with friends and fixing a computer issue the opportunities have been few. As I walked about our place I noticed the Button Bushes are starting to come to life, though not yet at full blossom, and other hopeful signs of thing to come. One thing that did not come back on our place this year is the Queen Anne’s Lace. It did however appear in the ditch across the road to my delight. As I was approaching the plants I noticed a dark spot on the top of the bloom. I thought it was an insect of some kind but it was actually a deep purple bloom among the white. After a little research I found that this is an identifier of the Queen Anne’s Lace. I am not sure why I never noticed it before but I guess one is never to old to learn. I set about to get a few shots of this flower when a random bug came by and wanted in the show. So here is a Queen Anne’s Lace and Friend.


Little Mystery Spider

This evening as grill was warming up I grabbed my Canon SX10is and headed to capture something I saw yesterday. Late yesterday evening I spotted something on one of the Fleabane blooms that are on our place. Since I am now a “man of a certain age” my eyes aren’t what they used to be ,I hoped a macro shot would help me confirm it was some type of spider. Well I can say it confirmed that it was something but I still am unable to positively identify it. I still believe it to be spider and am somewhat sure it is of the Orb Weaver family but……. for now it is a little mystery spider.

click on picture to enlarge

Lest We Forget


I was able to attended, though only briefly, a bike show today and saw a ton of amazing rides. Yet out of all of them I knew immediately which one I would post first. On this Memorial Day weekend let us remember the cost of being free and show honor to those who have keeps us so. In that light be well and watch out for bikes, and opportunities to give thanks, because they are everywhere!