Queen Anne’s Lace and Friend

I have had about an hour of free time the past several of days to get out and grab a few fresh captures. In between work, home projects, a fundraiser walk with friends and fixing a computer issue the opportunities have been few. As I walked about our place I noticed the Button Bushes are starting to come to life, though not yet at full blossom, and other hopeful signs of thing to come. One thing that did not come back on our place this year is the Queen Anne’s Lace. It did however appear in the ditch across the road to my delight. As I was approaching the plants I noticed a dark spot on the top of the bloom. I thought it was an insect of some kind but it was actually a deep purple bloom among the white. After a little research I found that this is an identifier of the Queen Anne’s Lace. I am not sure why I never noticed it before but I guess one is never to old to learn. I set about to get a few shots of this flower when a random bug came by and wanted in the show. So here is a Queen Anne’s Lace and Friend.