One Willy Sweet Ride

I was standing on the street Saturday just admiring the cars and then a sound cut clean through the noise of the crowd.  It was a sound of mechanical heaven: The whine of a gear-driven massive hunk of precision honed metal parts breathing through the pipes of ready-for-battle hard stainless steel. As  a want-to-be gear head I know this sound and I turned towards it. The thing a big block blown Willys Coupe!  I made may way down the street this beast went down and to take several shots of it. As has been the case, at least with me, I ask if I could take some pictures and the owner said “sure”.  I talked to him for a bit and he said he drove this from his home forty-miles away without one hiccup.No trailer-queen here folks. Now that’s cool! As others gathered around  I headed out to check out more cars and realized later I did not ask him what year it was. I am thinking the mid-nineteen-thirties. None the less here is one willy sweet ride.

IMG_2749 IMG_2762 IMG_2759

One Sweet 63′ Grand Prix

I was at a car show today and have material for a month of Sunday’s, though I plan on only posting for a week my stuff from the show. One thing about car shows is most owners are more than willing to talk about their rides .Oh and they let you take all the pictures you want of them as well. The owner of this Pontiac was no exception. For his hospitality I will post his car first, so here is one sweet 63′ Grand Prix.

IMG_2764 IMG_2767 IMG_2774 IMG_2779


Light And Shadow

I am trying to step up my game as far as indoor photography goes. I have a pretty good grip on the basics as far as outside lighting goes but indoor lighting has always eluded me. So as I try to find my place in the light I am finding the journey intriguing but somewhat painful. So here is the only decent capture from the past weekends journey into the light……and shadow.


Through The Glass

I have been on a journey to challenge myself in expanding my photo subjects. So yesterday I was out and about and saw this jewelry display with just simple, elegant jewelry and decided to shot it how I saw it. I needed all the available light, since the flash was out of the question, so I held the camera away from my body at an angle to let ambient light in.  To maximize the available light I shot  from above the display and through the glass.