Daffodils From The Hill: DSLR vs Point and Shot

Below are four captures I took this afternoon of the Daffodils on the Hill. Two of the photos I used my Canon Powershot G3 and two my new-to-me Sony A300. On most of my photos I use Microsoft’s Digital Image Standard 2006 Editor for some one-touch editing/love if I feel it is needed. All four have had the same one touch ” love” applied to them. I have been shooting, since my introduction to the digital world, with point and shoots almost exclusively. I am new to the DSLR world and must admit I take better portrait photos with them than my point and shoots. I feel I take better nature shots, both micro/macro and broad spectrum captures, with my point and shoots. Also it is easier for me to carry around a good point and shoot than my DSLR equipment.

Other than ease of access and size cost is a big issue. I know first hand that DSLR equipment is expensive, well at lest for my budget. I have been able to gather five point and shots for the less than , though just barely, my Sony A300 body alone. With the lenses added in I have come in at about half of the cost for with my point and shoots! There are many opinions, both pro and con, for both formats but I have just one question in this DSLR vs Point Shot debate: Can you tell which camera I used on which capture?




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Pondering Things and Taking Pictures

Digital Camera

My Mom’s Memorial Service is tomorrow and as one can imagine there has been little else on my mind. She was much more than a mother. She was my Mom. She was an adviser, counselor and a disciplinary but she was fair and honest, without being mean, as they come.

She raised me to be my own person but also to be a caring person by her example. Actions truly speak louder than words. I could have done a lot worse as far as parents go but not any better. I have stated this to several people before and I will say it a gain here: I would wish my parents on anyone.

May your New Year be filled with courage to face the hardships, peace to see you safely through and Hope that all will be well in the end as you start the next chapter anew.

Peace, The Jagged Man

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Autumns Feast

Autumn is a time where things fade and wither as the long winters sleep approaches. Till then nature recycles and replenishes it’s self. Below is a pictures of one example of this process. See one of natures Autumn Feasts. Enjoy!

As a bee harvests the last of this flowers pollen, a Cucumber Beetle enjoys the remaining petals. Nature’s Autumn juice and salad bar!

On The Fly

I have times when I have no other way to live but on the fly. I am trying out the scheduler feature on WordPress for those moments when I do not have a moment to post. The first was Saturday when I set up Sundays post because I knew I was going to be with the folks.

I would encourage you to set up a few drafts and when you know life will be a little exacting, “Poof” a little media posting magic!

One from the files of my PowerShot S3is.