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Pondering Things and Taking Pictures

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My Mom’s Memorial Service is tomorrow and as one can imagine there has been little else on my mind. She was much more than a mother. She was my Mom. She was an adviser, counselor and a disciplinary but she was fair and honest, without being mean, as they come.

She raised me to be my own person but also to be a caring person by her example. Actions truly speak louder than words. I could have done a lot worse as far as parents go but not any better. I have stated this to several people before and I will say it a gain here: I would wish my parents on anyone.

May your New Year be filled with courage to face the hardships, peace to see you safely through and Hope that all will be well in the end as you start the next chapter anew.

Peace, The Jagged Man

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Author: The Jagged Man

I am a 59 year old guy who is asking questions about life like "what does it all mean?" and " how come hair will not grow on my head but grows real fast on my ears and back?" you know the deep stuff. I believe in Jesus Christ and that He died for all. The rest I am still working on.

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