Down Time

I took about an hour or so of this amazing day for a little down time. I have a Olympus SP-350 I bought online for around $7-8 plus shipping. It was an amazing camera in its day and I  have tried to get the most out of it on macro for a while now. As an everyday shooter it is very nice but I have had trouble using the macro since the camera has zero anti-vibration capabilities, well that I can find anyway. And since there was not manual, well I just took off free of such clutter….and knowledge to do as I please with the little bugger! So here are three macro I took today using it. I set up a lawn chair, with my outside cat Butterfly as my helper and went about waiting on that perfect shot……since that didn’t happen you get these instead ;).

For reference as to how small the Wood Aster flower is I used a AA battery to give you a visual reference as to these size. I did this for two reasons: One is to show you how small some pollinators are and two if I can get a good shot of the Bumblebees and the red wasps that feed on them as well. Cool stuff!


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Today’s phase of the project went better than yesterday’s but still no time for new snaps. To wind down I was checking out the reader and found The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy. I took the following shot several months back with my Sony 300 and an old 50mm Minolta lens coupled to the body with an extension tube. Time, and The Bride getting laid off after her position was eliminated has cut into my getting-to-know-this-combo time. Her boss was really first class in the transition of it all and since she is trying to get into nursing school all is well, though kind of wild, and good. Sort of like this picture actually, all dream like and stuff.


“I can only point the way, Grasshopper. You must walk the path yourself.–KF*” Master Po

Have you ever hit the proverbial wall and  you just have no idea what to title a post? As you can tell from this posts title, me too. I got nothing else.

DSC_0063* From the original TV series “Kung Fu”

Beauty May Fade……

……but it does not mean something is no longer useful. An example I gleaned from nature is when a flower,bush or plants blooms fade they still provide something to the environment. Here is a Chicory bloom that has faded ,and is about join earth’s very successful recycle program, still proving fuel to a pollinator. So do not worry when beauty fades ones usefulness does not.


Another Best Of The Worst

I took my Sony A300 out to test my new-to-me-zoom lens and as is with all thing there is a learning curve. I have to admit I am rushing things. There is just a few things going on in my life right now that can cause one to feel pushed upon but I need to carve out small blocks of time to breathe the wonderment around me. And you do too! As I was walking around our place a slight movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. I turned towards the movement and saw something small but pretty cool. It was a tiny Damselfly skipping through the air! I followed it to where it landed and tried to get the A300 to focus on it but it was too small. The camera keep on focusing on the Spotted Jewelweed (for size comparison I might add a Spotted Jewelweed is about the size of an average persons top joint on their pinky finger) and missing the little bugger. So I manually focused this shot and missed the sweet spot a bit. I still like it though and I hope you like another best of the worst.