Beauty May Fade……

……but it does not mean something is no longer useful. An example I gleaned from nature is when a flower,bush or plants blooms fade they still provide something to the environment. Here is a Chicory bloom that has faded ,and is about join earth’s very successful recycle program, still proving fuel to a pollinator. So do not worry when beauty fades ones usefulness does not.


A Dragonfly On Our Place

I wish is was a real dragon but a dragonfly is still really cool too. I just wished I could tell them apart because, there seems to be a main type and it’s family on our place, yet there are several others species that come through from time to time. I have no idea where they are going or where they have been but the just show up for a breath in time then off they go. Me? I am left wondering and searching for answers which is a good thing I believe. This photo is of the skimmer family and is a Baskettail Dragonfly I believe…….. none the less here is a Dragonfly on our place.


My Partner In Chillin’

Yesterday was a lovely day to just stay outside and chill. Truth be told I should have worked on theĀ  many ongoing projects around our place but I have a hitch in my giddy-up that relegated me to observer status. Hopefully on Wednesday I can have that worked out by a visit to the chiropractor. So here is my partner in chillin’!

DSC_0008 DSC_0005

Bees On The Fly

Sorry for such a lame title but it is what it is: Carpenter Bees flying by trying to establish a beachhead in my front porch’s rafters. I discovered a little trick in the process, one which I am sure all established photographers already know, and that is I tracked the bees with the eye not looking through the view open. This allowed me to track the bee(s), you will see two at first, and when I had the manual focus right the bee(s) become one. Cool stuff I think! So here is two bees on the fly.

DSC_0032(s0 DSC_0021