Yesterday The Bide and I took a little road trip and ended up in Bardstown, Kentucky. If you find yourself in the Commonwealth of Kentucky I highly recommend a visit to Bardstown. It is a quiet and beautiful small town with a lot of things to see and do. We wanted to visit a friends small soap shop and look around the other the small boutiques, food, spirits and craft shops. That along would keep you busy for a day and then there are the historic sites and not to mention the Bourbon Trail. (That in it self can keep one busy and happy for a few days!) But this day was about slowing down and looking around.The shops are small businesses and have many challenges surviving as such but for those who sell Christmas items one challenge is how to display them among their main-line merchandise. Some simply do not deviate from their many business model at all and offer special deals, while others have completely re-done their places for the season. One shop had what I would call miss-mash style:All Christmas and regular store stock were displayed nicely but very much intertwined and overlapped the other but it seems to work. Mostly. As I was looking about I found this scene, A very cheaply made snowman next to a very nice candle holder, the kind you set a candle inside of. Right in the middle is what maybe a someone visual rendition of the Virgin Mary kind of hidden there. Well that was a lot of word to cover one picture but there you go!


“I can only point the way, Grasshopper. You must walk the path yourself.–KF*” Master Po

Have you ever hit the proverbial wall and  you just have no idea what to title a post? As you can tell from this posts title, me too. I got nothing else.

DSC_0063* From the original TV series “Kung Fu”

Finding Starts With Looking

My post last night  was my artistic expression of how I felt about the challenges I have faced so far this week. To add to that weight was of the death of a friend of The Bride and I .Now I must confess I am an emotional dude who thinks a lot.  Add on top of that I suffer with SAD and though I love Autumn for me it carries some unique challenges. Like being nice when I am tired and cranky. By the way my work is such I have full contact with the general-unfiltered public a lot. So today after running errands I went in search of something wondrous no matter how small. Here are some of my discoveries from our place. Remember finding starts with looking.

DSC_0180 DSC_0187 DSC_0173

Free Vs. Paid

Last month, in response to a suggestion from Nelson @ A few images, frozen in time , I wrote about the software I use to do my post photo-editing. Corel PaintShop Pro X6 is my main editing tool but I have been messing around with Perfect Effects 8 Free edition as well. As is my preference at this time I set my camera to the standard or natural setting in the camera’s onboard color mode. Since I usually do not limit my self to one subject when I am walking about this has several advantages. One is it allows me to shot an old building, like the following two, or brighter subjects with greens, reds or yellows without fear of the color blowing out the detail. Secondly I am freed up to enjoy the journey and live within the moment without sweating the small stuff. Since PaintShop Pro X6 has nice smart-fix menu tweaking the captures takes no time at all. I do not like spending time behind the computer so I keep it real simple. With Perfect Effects 8 Free edition tweaking my shots took a while but once I developed a sense of what I like I do not use more the four or five settings or effects as it is called with Effects 8. Below are two photos, one is I used PaintShop Pro the other Perfect Effects 8. I would be interested if anyone could see tell which was done with paid-for software or by freeware. Let me know I and I will respond to your comment.

DSC_0049 DSC_0049 - Copy copy