More From Yesterday’s Snow Day

The snow, though lingering, is in its final meltdown as we speak. I am glad I got several good captures yesterday and a good walk in with The Boy. The first shot is one of the branches on our sycamore tree. The second is of a seed-pod on said tree. As I was taking the last shot the temps were coming up and all the snow on the branches were coming down. I liked the effect but I also was a little nervous because I did not has my lens rag with me and needed to dry it off quickly. Thankfully these shots were taken on our place, so a dash in to the house and the lens was taken care of in short order.

DSC_0279 DSC_0282

More Fowl Things And Some Color

This evening post features two captures I took late this afternoon. I wasn’t going to post again but thought mrsbearfoot @ Enjoying Life Wherever It Takes Us might like the fowl shot. You should visit her place, I think you will like it. The second shot is of some vegetation that is not dead. Love the color it added to my day.

DSC_0139 DSC_0090


Yesterday The Bide and I took a little road trip and ended up in Bardstown, Kentucky. If you find yourself in the Commonwealth of Kentucky I highly recommend a visit to Bardstown. It is a quiet and beautiful small town with a lot of things to see and do. We wanted to visit a friends small soap shop and look around the other the small boutiques, food, spirits and craft shops. That along would keep you busy for a day and then there are the historic sites and not to mention the Bourbon Trail. (That in it self can keep one busy and happy for a few days!) But this day was about slowing down and looking around.The shops are small businesses and have many challenges surviving as such but for those who sell Christmas items one challenge is how to display them among their main-line merchandise. Some simply do not deviate from their many business model at all and offer special deals, while others have completely re-done their places for the season. One shop had what I would call miss-mash style:All Christmas and regular store stock were displayed nicely but very much intertwined and overlapped the other but it seems to work. Mostly. As I was looking about I found this scene, A very cheaply made snowman next to a very nice candle holder, the kind you set a candle inside of. Right in the middle is what maybe a someone visual rendition of the Virgin Mary kind of hidden there. Well that was a lot of word to cover one picture but there you go!