A Threadbare Indian Blanket

This is one of the last Indian Blanket flowers on one of my favorite in-town-photo-ops. I will post some of the past captures at a later date. Till Then here is a threadbare Indian Blanket.



Two From The Day

I had an overdue project on our place to finish up and today was the day. Sunny though the wind was somewhat biting I got most of it done. I took a break and grabbed several shots before getting back at it. I am almost finished  but need one thing from town to get it done. Now off to the store and back to finish up. Till then here is two from the day!


Both the above captures were taken with my Canon Powershot SX10is
Both the above captures were taken with my Canon Powershot SX10is

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

As I enjoyed time with old, and new-friends-to-be, this past weekend I took several shots of the fire in the fire-pit. And I reflected. Fire is a living thing and if used rightly it is a great tool and comfort but if not it is anything thing but. The same thing can be said about our time spent in this life’s fire. Looking into the fire I am reminded of something I have come to learn and share with others over the years: The difference between empathy and understanding is simple, Empathy is being in the pan and Understanding is being in the Fire. It is a subtle difference if you have never been in the fire but once there the pan does not sound bad at all! Right now I am still in the fire but I feel it is tempering me for the better and in a positive way.

This picture is the best representation of this weeks photo challenge at this point in my life. Faith, Friends and Fire.So enjoy the Hue of me.