My Favorite Cup

We all have them, that thing that is just right. It fits. It makes us feel good and fills us with joy. This is the cup that does those things for me. There is a story behind the cup but that is for a different time and space. Right now I will enjoy some hot tea with locally produced honey and rest in this moment my favorite cup.




Back Stage and Waiting

I took this photo back in 2011 as I was waiting to take the stage for Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God. The venue was small, about 600-650 max capacity, but is one cool theater. We did this show for six years,the last being in 2012, and I enjoyed it but all things must come to an end. And I miss it. A lot. But I miss this view almost as much as I miss letting the music and the story flow through me as I played. There is something wonderful about the butterflies in one’s belly and the anticipation of doing something musically and doing it well. And it all starts with one being back stage and waiting. A Side Note: this is my 800th post………Thanks to all who have dropped by and have encouraged me on this Stage as well.~Peace.

Picture 21059 copy

Yes Its Cold Out

We have a new visitor in our area. Apparently it came from Siberia and it is cold air, which equals cold temperatures. Now last year was cold but our outside cat Butterfly hung tough till January when the temps got down into the teens, then we brought her in whether she wanted us to or not. It seems she has coldar  now and this is note I found taped to the door of the outside door to the study……..DSC00312And this is who I found enjoying the comfort of my reading chair, yes I have a reading chair or better put a chair under really good lighting for these tired old eyes…..none the less here is Butterfly letting me know that yes its cold out….DSC00308


Our Boy

I am now back on the kitchen remodel for what is turning out to be phase 2 of a “simple” remodel. The next phase is to open up the living room/dining room by  removing a load bearing wall.We have a builder helping us but that is not going to happen till after the New Year because my point man on that project is busy till then. In the mean time I will finish the base cabinets and install the dishwasher, post old stuff, take some inside macro shots and shot as much as the weather allows of things in my corner of the world. Right now I am using unabashed cuteness to drive up my blog stats 😉 by posting a picture of Our Boy.


A Couple From A While Ago

It has not been a good couple of days for The Bride and I, so I have not had the time to get in any new shoots.With the weather about to turn nasty for a few a bit, it is time to hit the way-back files for something to post. I took the bottom photo several years back at a friend of The Brides and mine fortieth  Birthday celebration. All the colors remind me of Autumn. The top is of our beloved Dainty Dot Queen of the World, may she rest in peace.SONY DSCPicture 19962

Enjoying The Moment

I put the CV axle back in the car Friday and went through a few more of the folks boxes. I started out the day at the Vets with Dainty Dot Queen of the World and we were hoping she had a kidney/bladder infection but alas it is not. She has stopped eating and has the same symptoms her half-brother had three years ago. The vet thought it was a type of stomach cancer possibly and I fear my little Lady has been struck with it as well. We will watch her for the next day or so but if there is no improvement, well let just say we are spending more time with her and just enjoying the moment.


One Of Natures Short Timers

I was wrapping up the install of the CV axle on my ride and felt the Sun falling fast towards the tomorrow. I remembered a small group of Wood Asters I had spied returning from the vet with my second oldest cat Dainty Dot Queen of the World. The vet treated her for a kidney infection and we hope for a positive outcome but at 15 years old we will have to see. So I  took a short break to capture them before the next frost or two gets them. It was enjoyable to just breath in and enjoy the day a little because like these flowers we never know what tomorrow holds. Besides with the universe as our backdrop we all are short timers so enjoy what you have and take a moment to be thankful for even the littlest of things.