Sun Drenched Roses

I love the differing textures of the brick wall, the roses and the amble sunshine on both. I do not however know how to get my Roses, or Reds for that matter, not to wash out or seem “too” red. I will say I like this one anyway and if someone has any tips on why my reds are too red let me know 🙂

My Olympus SP-350 was used for this capture

Missed It By This Much…

Here are a few of my the ones I missed by this much…….

My roses always come out too red and look like a red blob.
My point and shot takes a little time to focus. Apparently the wind knows this and shows up right on time…. sigh.
As I mentioned above my point and shot takes a little time to focus…. apparently the bees know this as well and almost always have time to turn around and moon me! Nice.