BeDazzled Pens

The Bride and I went to a festival last month where a bunch of vendors come to pawn their wares. Among the many stalls of pre-fab and china produced “stuff” was some very nice hand-made crafts. The pens here are an example of such things. I took this with my iPod but thought it was pretty cool even though they are a little to bedazzled for my taste.

John's 5th Gen iPod 2560


A Good Place To Sit

Spent a lovely evening in a small town not far from our place. Nothing like slowing down with a great meal with friends in a town that is kind of stuck in the past. The Main Street has several shops with either chairs of benches out front. I took several of a character laced old weathered metal chair. One is of an unedited and the other I used FX Photo Studio to apply some effects. I used a blur effect to soften the edges, so the chair was the main focal point, and then used the Napa filter to added little flavor to the already cool color of the chair.

P.S. Sorry about the really big font on the second photo……having a bit of a problem finding the right size font a very small-to-me iPod screen.