Spring, Is That Really You?

The temperatures here, since Springs official arrival, have been staying in the high thirties to low forties during the day. The low twenties are not uncommon at night. Though they have dipped into the teens a time or two just for good measure. As mentioned before the Sun has spent very little time in my corner of the world this winter. It has been the same this Spring as well but today must have been worthy of its presence. I for one am glad.

Here is a few photos from the Hill I took before the Sun went about its daily, or nightly, rounds. Enjoy!

IMG_5853 IMG_5870 I used my Powershot SX10is in both of the above captures.

There Are Daffodils On The Hill

Today was a wonderfully sunny day but I have been inside most of the day with a sinus headache. After taking a short three or so hour nap, I awoke with just enough energy to snap a few shots of the Daffodils blooming on the hill across from our place. Spring is coming because there are Daffodils on the hill!

I took this shot with my new- to- me Sony A300
I took this shot with my new- to- me Sony A300