Saturday Night Lights

The Bride and I went out last night to test drive my Powershot S3’s long exposure capabilities. Here is one I like and I hope you do as well.




Cruisin’ Time Again

With the dog days of Summer upon us it can only mean one thing: It’s Cruisin’ Time! I have an affection for old cars and trucks so I am looking forward to the varies Cruises coming up here soon. In that spirit I started looking at some of my past shots. I am trying to get better at composing a photo when there is a crowd around. So I figured looking back was a way of planning ahead and being forward leaning. I found the photo below (A HDR merge I did several months back) I took when there was no one around and like it but the question I had was¬†a simple one: How can I replicate this when cars are parked side by side AND people are in the mix. The answer is simple as well:I have no¬†idea!

Well till the next time enjoy this really cool old car!


Gazing Globe For Effect

IMG_0001I was reviewing my post this evening when I noticed something: The caption I used to explain the posts title was missing. In my rush to post last night I did not preview, it because Chrome does not allow this for some reason, and I also did not manually save it either. I need try to be more aware of the technologies short comings as well as its many pros. Now to rectify last nights short coming.

I have not had many new photo¬†opportunities¬†lately.¬† I¬†decided¬†I was going to sort ¬†through some old shots and A) Post “new” old shots till better conditions arise for me to pursue new photo ops. B) Play with effects more.

The above shot is of the later category.  I hope you enjoy it as much I as did slogging through a new adventure in tech for me.

Self-Portrait On My Fiftieth

There has been very few new photo-ops for me as of late. I have been somewhat busy getting the house ready for the approaching winter. Oh, and working. A lot. Today I had planned on chasing the last of Autumns colors and take a nice walkabout with The Bride on this my Fiftieth Birthday. That did not happen because I had to work due to inventory. The upside is I have a job and the house is ready as it can be for the soon the be here winter. The down side is I have no recent images to post.

So what is a person supposed to do? Since winging it is my default mode,  here is a self-portrait of how most people see me. For all of my followers out there, both of you, here is my self-portrait. Enjoy!