Thursday’s Special:Physical Phenomenon

Paula’s Thursday’s Special:Physical Phenomenon is going to be real simple for me….. for once. Why? Because I love rust( Well at least to look at because working on something rusty can be a major pain). I cannot tell you why but I find rust and rusty things beautiful. So here is a compilation of photos I have taken of rust and rusty things over the life of this blog. I do not think I can fit them all in here but here is to Rust!



15 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special:Physical Phenomenon

  1. Wow, rust is photogenic in the right hands πŸ™‚ It will be difficult to choose the favourite capture here, John. Thank you so much for taking part in this challenge.

    • Thanks for hosting them Paula. I hope you are aware how gratefully we are that you do.
      As far as the rust being photogenic I can say this: I feel it is a reminder to me to look for beauty everywhere.
      I am glad as well that you like them and honestly I like them all…well the white Fleabane flower by the rusted may be my favorite….or the cat on the tin roof…. Peace~John

      • Thank you John. I hope that there are more bloggers as appreciative as you are. All of your rusty photos are classics (the cat included), but I chose my two favourites. Your close-ups are particularly nice.

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