Oh My, What A Fly

I was trying out my new extension tubes on my Sony A300 with a Minolta lens this evening. The Minolta lenses are very difficult to focus using the extension tubes. I also have to “guess” on the shutter-speed as the light meter is not accurate with the tubes on. Here is one I got right of a fly I have never seen before so  I looked it up. It is I believe a Tiger Bee Fly and oh my, what a fly!



Author: The Jagged Man

I am a 59 year old guy who is asking questions about life like "what does it all mean?" and " how come hair will not grow on my head but grows real fast on my ears and back?" you know the deep stuff. I believe in Jesus Christ and that He died for all. The rest I am still working on.

4 thoughts on “Oh My, What A Fly”

  1. Great shot! I’m still trying to get the hang of the extension tubes as well but when everything does work as it should you get rewarded with some special shots. Good luck and keep up the great work!

      1. I have to tell you that I bought the AF versions and they still do not auto focus very well. The nice thing about the AF versions is at least you are connected to the camera for other electronic adjustments. Oh well.. I’ll just keep practicing. Good luck!

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