Heading To Bed

Those of you who follow this blog get to see a lot of Fleabane pictures posted here. I have only recently began to see these wonderful little pollination stations as anything other than a weed.  In that space I found several types of Fleabane on our place.We have the Common or Philadelphia Fleabane as well as the Daisy Fleabane. Daisy Fleabane has done very well around the old Eagle Talon carcass in my yard this year. My discovering the awesomeness of these little plants is a recent thing as I mentioned earlier.  As life heated up several years ago I retreated to nature to find space to deal with life and death. One of the things I noticed is that they start closing up around dusk and close up till morning. So here is a Fleabane heading to bed.


4 thoughts on “Heading To Bed

    1. Yes it is and I discover something-new-to-me all the time! Cornflowers are one of my favorite flowers to photography but none have shown up in the usual places yet this year…… sad face.

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