Sea Gull Flyby

As my last post mentioned, I spent sometime by the lake yesterday. I used my Canon Powershot S3is on several captures but wanted to try my Sony A300 on some nature shots. I have practiced with it on portraits and such but wanted to see what it would do wide open in the “wild”. I have mixed results, the mix being from o.k. to that really sucked! As I have relative success with manual controls of my point & shots, I am somewhat frustrated by my lack of skill with a full on DSLR. For the most part I was able to place my self in an advantageous spot on most of my shots but the old Minolta lenses leave something to desire in the speed department. With that said they take great portrait and wedding shots so I am just going to have to hone my skills to maximize their strengths and work around their weaknesses.. Here is one of the captures of a Sea Gull Flyby!


2 thoughts on “Sea Gull Flyby

  1. “Dark Wingtip One requesting a flyby, tower. Over.”
    “That’s a negative DW One. The pattern is full. You’re clear to land on runway Two-Three. Over.

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