A Couple of Leasons From Black Friday

From the onset I want all to know I did NOT venture into the fray known as Black Friday. I also must state here I am somewhat baffled how Black Friday has taking over the last half of Thanksgiving. Now for those visiting my place for the  first time, I do not usually get into such matters here but what I saw last night and almost yearly on the news has compelled me to step onto my soap box. Hard to do for one who has short legs but here we go!

I will start with last night’s revelation: I will never be able to enjoy the ride through my town feeling like a traveler returning to his peaceful town after a long journey.The Bride and I used to enjoy the trip down the main drag of our town on are way home after the family Thanksgiving gathering. There was just a few gas stations open and the traffic was minimal and moving at a leisurely pace. That change last night and I felt like we were driving home on a normal business evening in our town. It felt just like another day. I do not like it one bit but at least I can learn from it.

What lesson have I learned? The first is really a re-learning of an old lesson and that is that good things come to those who wait. I was reminded of that this morning when our new-to-the-outside cat Butterfly was hunting in the side yard. As I watched her I remembered the five moles and three mice she has presented to us this Autumn. If she did not exercise patience she, and we, would not have benefited from natures wonderment. I am sure the moles and the mice would disagree with that last statement.

Butterfly waiting and watching.
Butterfly waiting and watching.

The second lesson I  learned also came from that encounter: What really matters can be found in the ordinary. It is remarkably in the unremarkable. It is right before us and we can miss it looking past the now. People have died on Black Friday’s past and people have done ugly things to one another over things that have no real value! Stop looking for the next great thing because it is right here, right now.

I saw the Angel below in the Thrift shop I work at I thought it was crying. I felt it was a great metaphor for the uselessness to our community, family and friendships that this thing Black Friday has become. I now step off my soap box and join The Bride in enjoying the warmth of our home and the company of The Boy and our cats.


5 thoughts on “A Couple of Leasons From Black Friday

  1. Butterfly totally loves you, I can tell – five moles & three mice!! 🙂

    That Angel is beautiful – a lot of expression in those eyes.

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