Three Feathers: A Pixel And Technology Comparison Revisted

Yesterday I published a post with three photos of feathers. Each photo was taken as a Macro and I used a different camera on each one. I will introduce each camera below the corresponding photo. My hope is to show people who think you must have the “latest and greatest” that they are truly missing out on the simple joy of photograph.

I took this photo with my Minolta Dimage S414
I took this photo with my Minolta Dimage S414 (Click on picture for better clarity).

The 4.1 mega-pixel Minolta Dimage S414 was released in early 2003 and is a fun camera to use. The controls seem “wonky” compared to today’s cameras but none the less it is a solid piece of technology.  Or as Minolta put in the press release: “The new DiMAGE S414 combines high quality images and automatic features, allowing users to obtain the best photographic results with easy camera operation,” said Jon Sienkiewicz, vice president of Marketing, Minolta Corporation’s Consumer Products Group. “It’s the ideal digital camera for a variety of applications and users — personal or business, from novice to enthusiasts.”

I purchased this camera online for around twenty bucks with shipping. Back in 03′ the camera listed for $399.00 so twenty bucks was a bargain, No?

I took this with my new-to-me Nikon D60.
I took this with my new-to-me Nikon D60 (Click on picture for better clarity).

As the caption states on the above photo I have a new-to-me camera. It is a Nikon D60 and I took this “Macro” using the long end of a 55-200mm zoom lens without a tripod or mono-pod!

The D60 was released the early part of 2008 and has a10.2 mega-pixel sensor. Since this is a true DSLR it is feature rich and to my mind a lovely piece of photo technology. The down side is the auto-focus will not work with all Nikon lenses due to the motor being inside the lens’s themselves.

I bought this camera off craigslist, and I had a great experience…this time, for three-hundred dollars. It came with to lenses, battery charges, owners manual, USB cord and two batteries. The Nikon D60 was released as a one lens kit back in 08′ for around $750.00.

This was taken with my Nikon Coolpix E5600
This was taken with my Nikon Coolpix 5600 (Click on picture for better clarity).

The Nikon Coolpix 5600 is an interesting camera in so much as it’s size not it’s abilities. The camera easily fits in the palm of my hand yet renders amazing results when used to its full potential. It is a solid little camera all around.

Nikon released the 5.1 mega-pixel Coolpix 5600, and it’s little 4.0 mega-pixel sister in early to mid-2005. It features 16 Scene Modes and 5 manual White Balance modes as well. There was several sites that set the list price at $399.00.  I found two sites that priced it in the ” real world at around $280-290.00. I bought this one and had it shipped to me for  thirty-five dollars.

Just a side note: Though I will be using photos I take with my D60 from time to time the majority will still be of photos taken with my point and shots. I feel it is the walk, the communion with made and created things and the joy of sharing that is important. Truly it is not the equipment but the journey. And remember my number one rule: (When its’ safe and legal) simply Take The Shot!


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