Song Sparrow Blending In

I have what we call in the Commonwealth “The Crud” and have become somewhat stir-crazy in the recovery process. It is a process: You feel bad, get better…wait for it …feel bad and so on till Spring!  I decide I needed some fresh air and headed outside to try to photography something. Anything. I found a photo-op by opening my ears. That’s correct, my ears, not my eyes. Coming from the back of our house was a constant sound of little voices, twittering, signing almost none stop as I waited and listened hoping to see what was making this chorus of noise. Then I spotted what it was and truly had a hard time getting a good lock for a photo or two. They move fast and they perfectly blend into the winter foliage.  Somewhere in this photo is a little brown bird that I believe to a Song Sparrow. They have enjoyed the day and half of almost pleasant weather to flutter about doing whatever it is that Song Sparrows do. Well that is when they are not singing.  See if you can find the Son Sparrow Blending In.