Two Flavors Of The Same

I love old barns. Just do and always have. I really do not know why but I do know barns, though they may look the same, have a different mental feel to me that differentiates one from another. Now maybe you can track with the title of this post. So here are two barns or two flavors of the same.



A Couple Of Barns Of Differing Flavors

IMG_0011 IMG_0007The above two barns are just that, barns, yet they very different. Both I assume are working barns but are set in very different settings. I find it very cool that people are still using and maintaining older wood barns. Most new barns are made of stick and tin and lack, in my opinion, the soul of the old wooden barns.

I see a lot of barns most days and some will not be with us long . So I am motivated take as many pictures of them as I can before they are gone.

A Living Monument Of A Farm’s Past

When I first spotted this old barn I felt compelled to take the shot. I see a lot of old barns and this one is fairly typical of most: Solid and built to last in it’s time but it’s time is past. The combination of snow and sunless gloom of this particular day could not, in my mind’s eye, diminish this old barns rich and honorable past. To farmers old and new here is a living monument of a farm’s past.

I captured this wonderful old barn with my Powershot S3is.
I captured this wonderful old barn with my Powershot S3is.