Light After The Storm

In one of my last posts I spoke of  several conversations not-so-distance past and the topic of someone close to our being who had died. One of those conversations was with someone who had lost her Daughter recently. I have suffered the loss those close to me but never someone who,  in a very real way, was a part of me. Though I am effected greatly in the loss of those within my sphere this Lady was invested in the life lost completely body, mind and soul. In other words if this was a poker game, and the chips were down, she was all in.

In the conversation she told about some of the flowers in her garden and pointed out a Rose bush her Daughter had giving her. Below is a photo I took of a Rose bush the daughter gave to her mom several years ago. As I looked at this picture I decided to look up the meaning of a yellow rose. One interpretation had these among its meanings: A  Promise of a New Beginning,  Welcome Back and Delight.


After this brief but life enriching encounter I came away with a new perspective on this mystery we call life. I cannot go into detail about the conversation but I can tell you I have a lot to learn about giving Grace and accepting it.