Seven Day Photo Challenge: Day Seven

A fellow blogger, and cyber friend of mine, invited me to a Seven Day photo challenge. I accepted willing but my first post was followed the next day of the news of the Massacre in Las Vegas. I decided to throw out the technical rules of the challenge but still be true to the Spirit of the challenge. I have saved the best for last. In this capture I find hope, and above all beauty, because I am blessed to know this Octogenarian’s story in this season of her life.

This lovely Lady has been a regular presence in my place of employment for the last four plus years that I have been there. In the last few months her world has been turned inside out. With out going into details as to protect her privacy I say this: Most folks would have given up but not her. She still comes in as she is able and I and others are better for it. In this photo Her spirit is on display for all to see. I hope it Blesses you as much as it does me.


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