Many A First

In this life we have a lot, and I mean a lot of firsts: First steps, first fall, first love… and this list is a long one if were are lucky. Some firsts are good, some are not and others are somewhere in between. Yesterday I photographed my first wedding and it was a wonderful experience for me and not so much for others. It was a day of firsts in many ways and in some others not at all. In the not at all category I know good photography in dependent on good light, good glass and a little luck. Great lenses can help you overcome low light or bad light situations but today I did not have either good light or great glass. What I did have was a great time spent with a wonderful couple who made my job both harder yet easy all at the same time. I will process both the photos and the experience over the next week or so but today I introduce another first for me: The Naked Wedding Cake. Done in B&W of course because that is the way I roll.

DSC06822 copy


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