Trumpet Vine Workers

The day started out pleasantly cool but heavily overcast.That combination worked well for me since I had to clean and detail my old trusty compact so I can sell it. As I was returning from the car wash I passed a few Trumpet Vines at the corner of our property. After wiping down the dash and interior I took a stroll and got these captures. I took this with my little Canon PowerShot S3is.



4 thoughts on “Trumpet Vine Workers

  1. We had a big trumpet vine by the corner of our porch of the house I grew up in in South Dakota. I think we’ve talked about this before.. Fabulous ant group portrait as well.

      1. I had forgotten that, but you are right… I do remember them to be crawling with ants..which might be a South Dakotaism. Have you ever heard anyone describe something as being “crawling with” before??Sounds like the flowers themselves were crawling.

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