Taking One Step Back….

…to take big bounds forward. I have been trying for the last year or so to find something to focus my photographic energies on.Several individuals have come into my Garden during this season of Life and have made me come to appreciate more so the Gifts I have been given.Through them, and some seemingly random dramas, I have two projects I want to do but to do them right I need time to plan, buy an expensive piece(or two) of equipment that will allow me to be more flexible and fluid. Oh, and I will need a bit of luck.To get this done the first step is to sell some of my stuff and to do this I am taking a step back technology wise and have purchased a Sony A300. Now I owned one and sold it last Summer so when I decided to move forward with my plan, I have about 12% of a plan….thank you Peter Quill of Guardians of the Galaxy for that,  for me it is not so much a step back. Since I am just in the planning phase I cannot reveal anything yet but the next phase is to sell my Sony A37 and a few lens plus  a scooter I inherited from my Pop. I will continue to post here as you all have become Family to me even if only virtually.Here is the first keeper with my Sony a300. Enjoy the Day!


3 thoughts on “Taking One Step Back….

  1. Re:picture
    Clever! You made me see double. How did you do that? Don’t answer, it would only confuse me!

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