Black & White Sunday:Guest Challenge~Renewal

This weeks Black & White Sunday challenge speaks to for I feel we all need renewed. Some of my fellow countrymen think we need newer and better things. Others think we need to regain some imagined past glory. Me? I think we need to be renewed from past mistakes and let other peoples past mistakes go so they may be renewed as well.


A healthy prairie has this lovely long flowing grass and it stays healthy only by a process called renewal by fire. There are controlled burns to make sure the prairie grass is not run over by non-native invasive plants. When we are letting go of past mistakes, disappointments or loss it feels as if we on fire. So we too can be renewed by fire.


Nature lays dormant every Winter waiting to burst forth in the Spring and when it does my spirit is renewed.

DSC05439 copy1

As the day slips into dusk, with night in pursuit, our body finds renewal in sleep.

DSC05480 copy - Copy


7 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday:Guest Challenge~Renewal

      1. Sorry for the delayed response. I missed this in my cue. I am so glad you found it interesting. That makes me smile:)

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