Time Is Fleeting


Time. A measure each of us has that is not infinite. Time. Stolen from those who need it most and given, it seems, to those who use it for ill. Today I was once again reminded of this truth. In our little town the first homicide of the year was recorded Wednesday January the 27th. A young man, 22 years of age, lost his life after answering his door and was shot in the chest “from close range” the coroner said. The details at this time are not being publicized but there is a person-of-interest that the police are looking for as a witness to the crime.

Time. The time I spent in this young man’s presence made an impression on me: Polite, funny loving, intelligent,quick witted and diligent at what task laid at hand. He served me and My Bride food at our favorite restaurant and even if he was not our server he came over and made sure everything was as it should be. Though we haven’t gone as much since me Bride started nursing school, if we saw him out in town he always would stop and talk to us.

Windell you will be missed and I wish I had known I would have taken the time to tell you so.

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