Thursday’s Special: In the Background

In the Background is today’s theme @ Paula’s Thursday’s Special. I love macro and have some really good shots I would love to post but I cannot seem to find them. So in their place are these two I took this past October. The thing I am discovering about macro is the background needs to have a decent bokeh or consist of a single color (solid blue sky for example). The subject of your macro needs to be in the depth of field and the correct background makes it “pop”. I have a nice shot in B&W of a bonfire I took that has no reflections on the background and the solid black background helps draw your eye to the flames…..but that is for another post.

DSC02683 copyDSC02773 copy

14 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: In the Background

    1. Thanks for your gracious words Patricia!

      The truth is the camera is just a box and if I simply show up sometimes I can capture some wonderful things. This are not of my making but they are wonderful things none the less.~ John

      1. I do not deny I have been blessed with the ability to take a good photo but I never judge a photo by my standards. If the subject sings to you, the quality doesn’t matter because amazing is in the eye of the beholder….or something along those lines 🙂

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