Thursday’s Special: Time

I love wrist watches. Just love them.Period. And I am also amazed at how many flavors there are of them. As it is with many things in life, there is an irony to that. Why? Because when I wear a watch it will slow down. Now I haven’t tried wearing a wind-up watch like the those I inherited from my dad, as they are not functional at this time. So in that quirky light here are two shots of watches for Paula’sThursday Special: Time.

DSC02205 copy copyIMG_2408 copy


7 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Time

  1. Beautifully executed John 🙂 I am always surprised how natural you are in B&W. I was thinking if you would be willing to do another guest post on my blog some time later this year in colour? Let me know please.

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  4. Lovely shots John – such contrast between the two.
    I don’t wear a watch these days as I use my phone. Watches are going through a change right now – used simply as jewellery by some, and in contrast we have Applewatch with extra functionality

    • Sorry it has taken me awhile to respond. Thanks for the comment.
      I would wear one just because it is easier to look at your wrist than pull out a phone. Unfortunately my body does not like wrist watches and messes with them.

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