Black & White Sunday: Windows

I realized long ago that the only thing that is certain is our last breath and all else is a gift. In that mind-set I present my take on Paula’s Black & White Sunday: Windows.

DSC01366 copy

An art accessorized window = Cool

DSC02351 copy

Technically it is not a window but the glass of a showcase can give you a window view of things of beauty. Yes cupcakes to me are a thing of beauty and well they are quite tasty!

IMG_0010 copy

The written word can be a window into the soul. This is a photo I took of the words of Psalm 23 from my Pop’s Life book from his Memorial.


Author: The Jagged Man

I am a 59 year old guy who is asking questions about life like "what does it all mean?" and " how come hair will not grow on my head but grows real fast on my ears and back?" you know the deep stuff. I believe in Jesus Christ and that He died for all. The rest I am still working on.

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